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Discover or Create Apps Using Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies





UX/UI design, Prototyping, Frontend Development


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May 2018

To launch this ambitious project, our client initiated a tender. And we aimed at winning this competition! A strategic research session with our internal team determined the motion vector – we needed to find an absolutely new style and become different from other contest participants.

The task was not only to change colors and shapes of the various dashboard elements but to highlight the website navigation with the company logo-like geometrical shapes, minimalism, and numeric clarity.

The product

nOS provides access to the crypto-powered web. nOS allows to discover or create apps using blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

nOS aims to overhaul the app-, web-, and cryptocurrency experience for consumers and creators alike, by introducing new solutions for app and content development, monetization, discovery, and interaction.


nOS logo is a circle, so we employed the round shape all over the design of their software.

We emphasized on the minimal design, light colors, roundy geometric elements. The result looks very lightweight, ultra-modern and classy.


One of the project parts was the development of the nOS browser. Here we efficiently utilized a left-side icon menu, which makes the navigation and setting up easy and intuitive.

The browser features light green, white and grey colors, transparent geometries, and minimalistic look and feel.

App Store

When creating the App Store, we were greatly inspired by the nOS round logo.

It features minimalistic graphic elements, graphical points on the background, which do not distract from the main info but charmify the page, and logo-like icons for the apps.


The same style we employed for the Exchange interface, which lets you easily trade cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, directly from nOS Browser. Look, how cool it feels!
Crypto Wallet

Our team developed all the pages of nOS crypto wallet, where you can stake, send, and receive digital assets, and vote for delegates and curators on the nOS Network.

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Next generation Cloud Computing

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